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  1. Shawn S14

    Shawn S14

    Minutt siden

    What are you on about “mata doesn’t start”. He created most chances on the pitch before he was subbed off (3) and almost scored himself.

  2. suren lalldeo

    suren lalldeo

    2 minutter siden

    1st trophy gone...

  3. R Kbd

    R Kbd

    3 minutter siden

    This channels scapegoats martial instead of the coach

  4. BrokenEgg


    4 minutter siden

    People are asking for more games for VDB because they just want to see whether he is good or not. LOL

  5. Ian patrick

    Ian patrick

    4 minutter siden

    Small club

  6. Rover Team

    Rover Team

    4 minutter siden

    World class managers don't choose cups to win...They want to them all....deluded

  7. Shaqir Jafri

    Shaqir Jafri

    5 minutter siden

    Ole out !!!!😠😠😠😠

  8. daan rihardi

    daan rihardi

    5 minutter siden


  9. Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan

    Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan

    5 minutter siden

    Can the biggest club i.t.w even hv a 2nd string team...EB being excellent doesn't mean a thing Adam...

  10. Bre Kumara

    Bre Kumara

    5 minutter siden

    Donny worked because of Matic imo, they have a great chemistry. I think that if we were to play Donny again, Matic should be the partner. I think I agree with the majority saying that if we put Donny and Pogba in a 2, we'd struggle in the track back because both of them goes forward. We are past the need for Fred, some of the combination that works are Pogba Matic and Donny Matic. Which proves how important a dedicated DM is to our squad. I personally would like to see Donny and McTominay in a two because out of the two McFred, we need the passes more. McTominay is better at passing than Fred and, based on tonight's performance, have Donny be the ball retriever and make the pass forward to the winger or the 10. McTominay can be the link between the centerbacks and the midfield. Just some thoughts, we'll never know what works until we try it

  11. Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan

    Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan

    6 minutter siden

    Yes, to get a start for filling his trophy cab

  12. daan rihardi

    daan rihardi

    6 minutter siden

    "Martial has done nothing for last 6 years" Dion Dublin

  13. daan rihardi

    daan rihardi

    7 minutter siden

    We dont need Martial and Lingard

  14. Ben Moulds

    Ben Moulds

    7 minutter siden

    Agreed with mr cocaine here

  15. Vas s

    Vas s

    8 minutter siden

    Anthony Martial has not become lazy overnight......he has always been lazy, at this point he needs a loan move to serie A or ligue1

  16. The_Good_Ship_Ethereum


    8 minutter siden

    Martial = £275,000 a week .... i will just leave that there

  17. SONLEY


    8 minutter siden

    Bigger fish to fry? lmao. We said that about the Europa League last year and when we got knocked out the Champions League last season we said it's fine because we were never gonna win it... Lose the first match in CL this year too. It's only Young Boys doesn't matter... When do the excuses end? VDB can't play in Fred's role. Doesn't run enough next to Pogba and isn't physical enough to make up for Pogba getting forward, we'll get sliced apart.

  18. john Mcgee

    john Mcgee

    9 minutter siden

    Pressing the ball just takes effort , Martial embarrassed himself today. HE DOSEN'T GIVE A FUCK!!!!

  19. The_Good_Ship_Ethereum


    9 minutter siden

    Man Utd's first team...strong defence / strong attack / average midfield............Man Utd's second 11....mid table

  20. Peter Taylor

    Peter Taylor

    10 minutter siden

    My God, the first guy actually realises that Donny isn't strong enough defensively to play as a DM. Most the other supporters have blinkers on and are making Donny into something of a cult figure based on a myth. Well done to you sir. Like the third guy, I also don't care about the Carabao Cup, although it does provide the 2nd stringers with an opportunity to get some minutes on the park.

  21. Tejas Bailur

    Tejas Bailur

    10 minutter siden

    what game were you watching? van de beek had a fantastic game!

  22. Oxygiiien H20

    Oxygiiien H20

    10 minutter siden

    Martial isn't a forward

  23. Leaf Comedy

    Leaf Comedy

    20 minutter siden

    No one's getting Greenwoods spot. The lads gonna have a monster season. Ole's playing Martial purely to get his price up, as he is definitely up for sale.

  24. kinda cool

    kinda cool

    21 minutt siden

    Dan James better than Martial

  25. D C

    D C

    23 minutter siden

    Remember when Martial first came in and people were saying he was the next Ronaldo 😂 the guy looks he doesn't even want to fight for his place. Man utd need to sell him

  26. Ryan Kos

    Ryan Kos

    26 minutter siden

    Yeah i have to say i disagree vdb was good today, dont understand your take on that one

  27. N. Ichigo

    N. Ichigo

    34 minutter siden

    DVB looked rusty and was partially at fault for the goal because he was dragged out of position. But even with that rust he produced a good game, imagine him high on confidence with consistent game time. You learn and get better at these things with in-game experience. Can't be judged when he's playing once a month/2 months.

  28. Bradders Chandler

    Bradders Chandler

    35 minutter siden

    Hahaha that for Sunday ⚒⚒

  29. Leaf Comedy

    Leaf Comedy

    37 minutter siden

    The run from Greenwood at the end summed up Martial. Watch Greenwoods determination to get 1 on 1 with the keeper. You NEVER see that from Martial.

  30. Sebastian Arevalo

    Sebastian Arevalo

    38 minutter siden

    Really think ole should play Donny and matic with Bruno 10 and pogba out left in the prem. Fred and mctominay are good squad players that can come in when needed plus you can maneuver pogba in the middle as the game progresses

  31. Monkey


    39 minutter siden

    Elanga is better than Martial

  32. Parshu Acharya

    Parshu Acharya

    40 minutter siden

    These guys do anything but analyse Oles role in the team.

  33. dademon16


    41 minutt siden

    Freddy consistently manages to bring nothing to these discussions. Wouldn't say any of our players were lights out today but Donny was all over the field. Not everything he tried came off but the activity and work rate was there. Also thought Sancho played some clever stuff here and there. It's as much about his teammates learning him as the other way around.

  34. Aryton Vicente Miranda

    Aryton Vicente Miranda

    41 minutt siden

    I still don’t understand what’s our style of play or game plan each match, it’s like here ball go and express yourselves. Ole is just not cut out to manage a team of this magnitude. He has to go and we need to bring in a world class coach..

  35. Carl Spanks

    Carl Spanks

    43 minutter siden

    I don't think the pressure is on Chelsea to win the league, they already won the UCL a few months ago. I'd say the pressure is on united since Ole hasn't won a thing in 4 years.

  36. Chigozie Agwuncha

    Chigozie Agwuncha

    43 minutter siden

    You could tell the presenters of these fan channels want to be so PC they've forgotten that the main ingredient of fan channels is "rawness" (for want of a better word). Adam could be waffling on about "I'm not Ole Out, it's on the players" three seasons from now with United having won nothing under Solskjaer.

  37. Aruto 09

    Aruto 09

    44 minutter siden

    The bearded guy gave the worst assembly of Donny . He kept the ball ticking and won tackles he receives the ball in half turns and spreads it so well the misplaced passes are because he's trying something different. Come on man

  38. Monkey


    44 minutter siden

    Elanga is better than Martial as striker, Martial is so bad as a striker since Man Utd sold Lukaku

  39. VARedevil19


    45 minutter siden

    I never considered Martial as 9. He's a winger. He does better as a winger.

  40. Peter Taylor

    Peter Taylor

    46 minutter siden

    Martial is not a number 9, United just tried to manufacture him into one.

  41. HG


    47 minutter siden

    Rotation will bring a rollercoaster ride.

  42. Chris Lorne

    Chris Lorne

    48 minutter siden

    No. If we would have gone on to win this cup, and not have a proper challenge for the title and/or CL title, he’ll be gone. The carabao cup isnt gonna make or break his job at United

  43. Andros C

    Andros C

    48 minutter siden

    It’s all Moyes’ fault.

  44. mercurialblonde


    49 minutter siden

    If he thought he needed it that's not the team he would have played. This was a training exercise. Thought we played okay. But we lacked the nous up front today. Ronaldo or Cavani or Greenwood with 90 minutes score today.

  45. Freedadrive


    53 minutter siden

    the fella just at the end gave me some potter payper vibes, nothing but facts tho marial waste of talent a shame but gotta go too many youngsters more hungry

  46. George B

    George B

    54 minutter siden

    Another excuse for saving ole's arse

  47. Hippo-Incognito


    56 minutter siden

    Ole needed this cup, not to win it (bonus if they do), but to give minutes for those high-quality second-stringers and youth players. Going out this early doesn't help...but going out looking clueless is worst.

  48. Ana Ta

    Ana Ta

    58 minutter siden

    He and ManU don’t need this, and for that matter any other cup. Just play game, loose and entertain fans.

  49. HG


    Time siden

    Rotation will breed inconsistencies.

  50. Kofi Tekpetey

    Kofi Tekpetey

    Time siden

    Martial need to go on a loan

  51. Kevin Hackett

    Kevin Hackett

    Time siden

    We won't win nothing AGAIN

  52. dogcatdogable


    Time siden

    Sorry but we can't go about calling him Beak lads

  53. Miles Hackett

    Miles Hackett

    Time siden

    We played better today than we did on Sunday and lost. That's just the way it goes sometimes. We really lacked a focal point to our attack, Cavani would have been perfect for today. Martial was terrible and I can't see him recovering his United career with the level of competition in the squad now.

  54. Gelaneh Jarso

    Gelaneh Jarso

    Time siden

    Martial is good for nothing Lendlof too.

  55. COReYY101096


    Time siden

    Sangho is bang fukn average. Overhyped in a German farmers league

  56. Paras Duggal

    Paras Duggal

    Time siden

    This coming from a die hard fan of this channel, but please don't get that dude in the hat on again.. does he even watch the games or just practices his stand-up in his head... This isn't the first video with him I've felt this.. definitely he is someone's BFF on the channel otherwise no one would listen to him .. or atleast get him to use logic more and see the game properly 🤣 He triggered me when he spoke of VDB .. ffs what game was he watching??? & That's just one of the things that came.out.of his mouth that was baffling ...

  57. Shimon


    Time siden

    He was always a lazy player.

  58. Kevin Hackett

    Kevin Hackett

    Time siden

    Ole out never been a manager

    • JXT Ultra

      JXT Ultra

      55 minutter siden

      Shut up it wasn’t on him tonight

  59. Jammy Vlogs

    Jammy Vlogs

    Time siden

    Very poor b team. Martial did some really impressive gardening tonight...

  60. Fundile Nyilika

    Fundile Nyilika

    Time siden

    why the Hell is everyone on about Donny? honestly he didnt have a great game as others see for me. Not our type of player for me

    • chase eno

      chase eno

      Time siden

      Watch over the game

  61. Simon Grabowski

    Simon Grabowski

    Time siden

    My goodness, this is shocking analysis. Nobody was exceptional, but to infer from that game that DVB was 'poor' is laughable. Is DVB good enough for Man Utd.....maybe not and time will tell, but what is for certain is that some of this post match analysis is not worthy of being on this fantastic youtube channel. Get Stephen Howson on more.....would be nice to hear from someone who actually has more than a basic understanding of the game

  62. Darragh Leen

    Darragh Leen

    Time siden

    If Freddy spent less time talking about blowjobs and more time actually watching the game he might be able to properly analyze and stop talking utter shite

  63. Alex Wood

    Alex Wood

    Time siden

    Why’s everyone so obsessed with martial 🤷🏾‍♂️ how did sancho do ? And will he step up to this level? Ps martial is not a striker and Ole needs to tell him that so he can hurry up and get over it and just play left wing and it’s not to early to judge Sancho he should have lit it up from day dot

  64. i- -i

    i- -i

    Time siden

    a loan would be a good move

  65. Max


    Time siden

    this guy in the old united kit is out of his head

  66. David Keita

    David Keita

    Time siden

    Adam,l and my german wife are fans of your show ! Really ! But why you Always tried to avoid olé Gunnar responsability ! Our game is cleverless ! That is why every team gave us problems! Not players ! But the team is never on the right game directions ! ( Game plans)

  67. BrokenEgg


    Time siden

    One less distraction. I think he is aiming big.

  68. Nathan Stansfield

    Nathan Stansfield

    Time siden

    We will never win anything with Martial as our no9. He's lazy, he's uninterested, and generally shite these days. Absolute shadow of the player he was 2 seasons ago

  69. Fitzroy George

    Fitzroy George

    Time siden

    We seem to forget this team has lost two of its last three games. Two of those games were with their strongest team and one they barely escaped. So I'm not surprised

  70. Damion Maxwell

    Damion Maxwell

    Time siden

    Silent westham change there when team? Just wondering why these guys keep saying that united played there second team.

  71. Balaram.s Balaram.s

    Balaram.s Balaram.s

    Time siden

    He have no style of play if he is manager we don't win a cup he is losser and we are promoting the losser

  72. Jayfreshman


    Time siden

    We need Martial he just dipping in form rn

  73. Aquila Rossa

    Aquila Rossa

    Time siden

    Following our best finish since Fergie, concentrating on continually improving our league finishes must be trumps for now I think, because we can not ask 60+ matches from our much improved first eleven. The focus must be on becoming genuine title contenders who are capable of winning the league year after year. Once we get back to that, the other trophies will follow. When I was that '70s and '80s kid, MUFC were a mid table club most of the time. Two decades of meh. We wanted cups like mid table sides do now, but really a cup was a consolation prize, e.g., the '77 and '83 FA Cup wins. Nice to win something, but really the league was everything and we were miles away from being challengers. I do not want us to be that desperate for some second or third tier trophy again. We have to put everything into the league matches and challenging. Being regular champions is what matters. That requires a long process of steady squad building, unless you go the flash in the pan, one hit wonder route like Klopp did breaking his team to do it. It took Fergie four years to build the squad he needed and then get winning. We expect Ole to do it in three? I am not too fussed about the B team going out of what needed to be the B team cup, even though I preferred they took their chance to impress the boss by playing well and staying in the cup. Therefore I really dislike the 'Ole must deliver a trophy this season' narrative the media is spinning. Winning a cup but finishing way behind in the league is a step back to me. If we do not win the league this season, then I would rather us make a fight of it and miss out by a point than win some cup and be way off the pace in the league. We have Cavani and CR7, plus the best first team since Fergie. So much first team firepower. Ole might have built the best defence in the world too. This is the time to mount our most serious challenge in over seven years. I'd even sacrifice FA Cup and the UCL for that this season if injuries et cetera make it come down to hard choices like that. Three points in the EPL is all that matters right now. I want cups when they are potentially part of league winning doubles and trebles. That's what Ole was saying when haters and pundits twisted his words to make it look like he does not care about trophies. He was saying he wants us to be title contenders above all else.

    • Aditya Kutty

      Aditya Kutty

      39 minutter siden

      Well news flash, we don't live in the 70s or 80s anymore you muppet. Fans nowadays demand instant success, as does the media and pundits, it's the norm of football these days. We cannot wait until we are genuine contenders to start taking these cups seriously, we need to be winning stuff NOW not 3-4 years from now. Yes you have to compete in the League, but just competing is not good enough anymore, you have to win stuff, look at Man City, Chelsea, and Liverpool they competr for the league title, but they also win trophies, they don't sacrifice competitions to try and win the league, they compete for everything like any big club should, especially Man United. Ole has had 2.5 seasons and nothing has changed, our 2nd place finish last season was a false position. Now that he has a squad that can win trophies and compete at the highest level, he is not going to be given much room for mistakes, by fans, pundits, and the media whether you like it or not. And why should he be given so much leeway? He's had enough time to make mistakes and learn, but he hasn't learnt a thing and continues to make elementary mistakes. Enough is enough, Ole needs to be sacked tonight, he is simply not good enough for a club like Man United. Football in todays world is about trophies, not giving people time to build a dynasty, if you cannot accept that and still think we're living in the 70s and 80s then Idk what to say, the world of football has moved on, and sadly for whatever reason you haven't.

    • Chiji Benson

      Chiji Benson

      40 minutter siden

      *13 premier league titles*

    • Chiji Benson

      Chiji Benson

      41 minutt siden

      Y’all ole sexuals are absolutely clueless, man just compared ole’s situation to Sir Alex Ferguson. Remember sir Alex won 23 premier league titles after those four years. Remember that he won a treble, remember that he won titles with Aberdeen in the Scottish league before coming to Manchester United. The only way to justify this useless excuse is if ole gunnar solksjear go on to win 13 premier league titles, he can’t even win a carabao cup 😂😂😂😂😂

  74. stonesoundjam


    Time siden

    Martial was done last season - Ole is too sentimental and too soft about making decisions a manager should make and is still approaching things like a youth coach. Its a different set of priorities and Ole needs to start acting like a top tier manager instead of everyone's best friend

    • plo8


      12 minutter siden

      Apparently Mourinho wanted to sell him but Joel Glazer personally intervened to veto it as he's his favourite player. Martial is on big wages though so I'm hopeful it becomes more of a financial decision by the Glazers and they get him off the books, he's a waste of space now, I'd rather play a youth.

    • Shimon


      Time siden

      Ffs this is exactly what I wanted to say he always defends his players like wtf they are playing rubbish you need to tell them as it is

  75. Ankit S

    Ankit S

    Time siden

    Two years ago, he was awful. Now he is just worse. End of.

  76. Joshua


    Time siden

    Sorry. Great going forward. Too out of position for me back tracking and in defense. Hes not being paired with Kante. He would be paired with Fred, McTominay and Matic. None of them are good to play the 6 role by themselves which is why Ole plays two holding DMs

  77. Faris Johari

    Faris Johari

    Time siden

    Seems like 2nd team got woods

  78. distortdude80


    Time siden

    Would be different if cavani and rashford are fit. But one cup down means more focus on the league