The Tactics Were WRONG!! | BSC Young Boys 2-1 Man United |

Adam McKola reacts as United lost their first group stage game of the 2021/22 Champions League campaign.

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  1. 666demonknight666


    3 dager siden

    What did I said about Lingard? I knew he will score today!

  2. Jake Ramzy

    Jake Ramzy

    5 dager siden

    Do you think Roy Keane would be a great fit as Nottingham Forest's new manager?

  3. Eucalyptus Da Villa

    Eucalyptus Da Villa

    5 dager siden

    Video Title : The Tactics were Wrong Reality : The Tactics were shit

  4. Jake Welch

    Jake Welch

    5 dager siden

    I don’t get how anyone can say that we’re going to win things under this coaching staff. Forget the mistakes by AWB and Jesse. This and even our wins that we don’t deserve and the other games we lost last season and the season before and the stupid draws we have are all down to the coaching. No tempo, no style of play, no rhythm, no tactics to open up the opponents, no planning on how to beat teams. We struggle against teams that press and struggle against teams that defend with a low block, poor substitutions. How could Donny be subbed and then by the end of the game Jesse is in his position passing that ball back at the end of the game..? It’s all stupid, clueless coaching. The fact that we have looked SO BAD for the past three years regardless of what players we bring in, should be a sign to anyone that either ole isn’t good enough or his coaches aren’t. People need to wake the fuck up if they think we’re going to win trophies under this ridiculous coaching and management.

  5. pavement422


    5 dager siden

    What about Pogba’s first touch when he should have got a red card at Wolves. Exactly the same as AWB.

  6. MrFirewood789


    6 dager siden

    Jesse won’t be dancing after that pass back the idiot

  7. MrFirewood789


    6 dager siden

    Tactics my arse , they are full of shapers and wasters , egos all over , pogba won’t like being in the background Wan bissaka is now going to jail as well because of his driving offences, what a circus at old Trafford.

  8. Yus Mo

    Yus Mo

    6 dager siden

    Utd took a beating from Young Boys!

  9. happyhornet1000


    6 dager siden


  10. Chelsea SW6

    Chelsea SW6

    6 dager siden

    Ronaldooooooooo lol 😂

  11. ali ali

    ali ali

    6 dager siden

    Absolutely shocking from OLE, this game exposed his poor tactics and mediocre standards . Ole has to go if Man Utd actually want to win something. GGMU

  12. Emanuel Sesay

    Emanuel Sesay

    6 dager siden

    SOLSKJEAR doesn't have philosophy, SOLSKJEAR need to go,he just keeps making mistake all the time in the champion league,he rotate the players too much.

  13. ReplacedByDrumbot


    6 dager siden

    Haters gonna hate and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

  14. aditya kushwaha

    aditya kushwaha

    6 dager siden

    Ole mindset was not of a warrior he was ready to draw and loose. He needs to change his mindset

  15. RTM


    6 dager siden

    Get some players and Ole out!!! Fuccccc offff

  16. Justyn Kace

    Justyn Kace

    6 dager siden

    Get behind Ole, back the manager! He’s united through and through. Do you remember what the football was like under José/ LVG? Put some respect on Oles name

  17. Nathan Muronzi

    Nathan Muronzi

    6 dager siden

    I think CR7 will save us from Ole by calling him out and his tactics to the boys.

  18. Steve C

    Steve C

    6 dager siden

    Keep it up, Ole. Top man.

  19. Deren H

    Deren H

    6 dager siden

    United in the champions league to make up the numbers, COYG!

  20. Tayo


    6 dager siden

    OLE IN!!!!

  21. Tayo


    6 dager siden


  22. Cityzen


    6 dager siden

    Ronaldo Pogba & Sancho All In The Same Side Tho ...Bro Who Else Do You Need To Beat Young Boys ..Messi 😂🤣😅👍

  23. Kae Lesley

    Kae Lesley

    6 dager siden

    Adam is the only one willing to tell it how it is, i love ole but his biggest era is not bringing in a world class coach, and Ole is not a good tactician, this is afraid of telling the truth no one is saying ole out but just say it how it is hes not good enough,

  24. ket Ainooson

    ket Ainooson

    6 dager siden

    A coach who couldn't even envisage a red card situation and completely lost it when it happened, that is he who sits on our bench. I think like Lampard, Ole has very well done the job he was brought in to do. He has restored order and brought back our confidence but he clearly doesn't have what it takes to go on from here. It's time we get an experienced hand in. We can all take a cue from Lampard and Tuchel. One prepared the way, the other did wonders with the prepared team. I actually believe Ole cannot beat the big boys no matter the squad he is given. He doesn't have it in him at the moment.

  25. Benz Abanga

    Benz Abanga

    6 dager siden

    Howson made a good point regarding there being a certain point where any good manager must have the wherewithal to realise that they need to develop new tactics to be able to complete effectively. I think Ole has reached that point already, but will we recruit new coaches or adopt a new system to be able to play and control games without needing to counter attack all the time? I love Ole but if he continues to fail to adapt to these glaring issues he’s had for over a year now then he will be gone.



    6 dager siden

    Manchester will never forget that ole touch in 1999 but it will also never forget how he was wasting such a bunch of quality players. This is probably the best squad we have since Ronaldo left in 2009. I am praying to God to rescue us by sending this clown back to molde before Christmas. If we somehow stays inside top 4, we are doomed again

  27. Oluwatobi Adedeji

    Oluwatobi Adedeji

    6 dager siden

    You're so right just like i had said to a friend. You're on point Adam. Removing Ronaldo was good decision, you need someone who can press from the front line but he should have left Sancho & lingard at left and right midfield. They will help limit YB overly attacks by providing counter attack threats. 5 flat defenders was bad move for ole. Man U could have drew the game & if brilliant would have won. Defeat to YB with 10players is unacceptable

  28. Jean Ferguson

    Jean Ferguson

    6 dager siden

    I have a question, why nobody fires him?? How is it that he still on that position??

  29. Haolun Hangsing

    Haolun Hangsing

    7 dager siden

    What tactics. The tactics were not wrong. THERE WAS NO TACTICS. There was panic and fear and hanging on to a lead against a team i presume were better than Bayern with more than an hour to go. The United way my foot! with all the talk of dna abd attacking football, at the end of the day Ole like any manager is afraid for his job. He cant lise with Ronaldo in the team.

  30. Original Unoriginal

    Original Unoriginal

    7 dager siden

    Ronaldo will speak his mind after assessing OGS incompetency and tactically mediocre! Lucky, the other match in the group was a draw. If we fail to reach next round in the UCL (progressing to knockout stages), OGS needs to pack his bags and get the boot!

  31. Haru Krentz

    Haru Krentz

    7 dager siden

    Ole was coward in this game, sure we were left to 10 men but that wasnt an excuse to close shop for the rest of the game especially when there was still 60 mins left to play and we werent playing Bayern or Man City (With all due respect to YB)

  32. Yohanes Yuli

    Yohanes Yuli

    7 dager siden

    Poor coach mentality...just trade the coach for a fresh one. 🙏

  33. adman2371


    7 dager siden

    Stick with Ole, he’s a much better manager than you are all giving him credit for, the players let him down!

  34. Yacine lampard

    Yacine lampard

    7 dager siden

    The biggest mistake of the night is changing to 5 players in the back what the hell they are just young boys not bayern munich

  35. Rhys Powell

    Rhys Powell

    7 dager siden

    Its bad when Everton, Brighton and other mid table teams have better managers than us the biggest team in the world

  36. João Narciso

    João Narciso

    7 dager siden

    There is one unwritten rule "Ronaldo" only gets "Substitute" when he asks to be substitute. Any coach who doesn't know that "Golden rule" is going to loose winning mentally that Ronaldo brings to the table....United can't be playing for a draw the mentally has to win, win, win that's what Ronaldo came back for

  37. choby02


    7 dager siden

    There was nothing wrong with the tactics up until the red card! 1-0 up and playing well. Okay Ole could do things better at times in some of your opinions. Move on nothing been lost, we’ve started the season quite well.

  38. MrPeterpronk


    7 dager siden

    Sporting v ajax , allready 0-2 what a position play, ole ask Donny how to play!!!

  39. Gucci Sensei

    Gucci Sensei

    7 dager siden

    No one praises Ole's tactics when he gets it right (which statistically is more often than not), but as soon as he gets it wrong its the end of the world...

    • mark dickens

      mark dickens

      7 dager siden

      Yes but he gets it wrong in big games like semi finals Europa league finals he's proper clueless

  40. Christos Joseph

    Christos Joseph

    7 dager siden

    He’s not good enough bro. Just accept it. Appreciate the work he’s done buying some good players but he’s not in the same league as our competitors managers

  41. Paul The Party Animal Parker

    Paul The Party Animal Parker

    7 dager siden

    I don't know why it's any surprise Wan Bissaka got sent off because of his first touch. He does it pretty much every time he receives the ball. When fellaini did things like that he'd get slated, yet for some reason the fans have assumed wan bissaka is on his way to becoming world class so he gets a free pass. He's abysmal on the ball, he has no technical abilities at all. It just staggers me how united can scout players like this and then blow 50m on him. Wow he can slide tackle, so what, that's not the primary job of a right back any more. Look at Reece James, his tackling is very good but his real job is going forward, running at players, putting crosses in. Wan bissaka can't do any of that. He's just on the pitch to do a job on players like sterling but does nothing going the other way. 50m for basically half a right back. Embarrassing.

  42. Rogue DarkAgent

    Rogue DarkAgent

    7 dager siden

    Cheers Adam lad. Always a pleasure. I fear Ole is starting to lose his fantastic legacy. How is he going to stay in the job ? By scraping top four every year Weird weird choices again that nobody understands on the whole 🥲 👹 come on united 👹

  43. Big Has

    Big Has

    7 dager siden

    Cant even beat bunch of young boys 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. Zack Blue

    Zack Blue

    7 dager siden

    We're going nowhere under wole

  45. HG


    7 dager siden

    When you believe in fairy tales ending, you also must believe in tales of nightmare. MU is on a roller coaster ride this season again.

  46. Anthony White

    Anthony White

    7 dager siden

    These results happen when you have a manager who has no idea what he is doing.

  47. Brad Modd

    Brad Modd

    7 dager siden

    In some ways we have too many attacking Mata, Lingard, Hannibal, Diallo and DVB...not to mention Pogba and Fernandez....not sure if any are able to be defensive mids

  48. Brendan Pramjee

    Brendan Pramjee

    7 dager siden

    Ole is the only manager in the world who can’t be called out for tactics. Even tho him and his coaching staff have no clue. It was so evident yesterday and let’s not even talk about the pain of the Europa final but any Ole inners would be daft to not see that. Sheep man

  49. Akeem Guy

    Akeem Guy

    7 dager siden

    FACTS. The only problem is Sancho wasnt having a good game before the red, but definitely we needed an outlet and we lost that.

  50. Veerayah Kanniah

    Veerayah Kanniah

    7 dager siden

    A manager fear of losing. With pogba the game is slow in attack. The defenders are disorganized no leader. Same mistakes same type of goals. Degea weak in soft balls. Playing marshal n lingard is a waste.

  51. Maximus Meridius

    Maximus Meridius

    7 dager siden

    Tactics were wrong g says a brummie holding a microphone 🎤 Your a manager are you professional No so your clueless You 👃 nose nothing

  52. James


    7 dager siden

    Two shots on goal. TWO, TOO, TO!!!!!!!!!? WTF NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Against Young Boys? That should never happen, not with 9 players. We need a new coaching staff, someone needs to get the sack today. This can not stand, somebody has to be held accountable for these type of performances.

  53. D Anton

    D Anton

    7 dager siden

    Forget the red card. Forget the bad back pass. Forget the substitutions. United has to be much better in possession even with ten men,

  54. Jim Bob

    Jim Bob

    7 dager siden

    Why are people saying the squad is good enough now, when he make 2 subs and then it goes to shit......then blaming him.....??? You can’t have it both ways. Obviously Ole has faith and thinks the players that come on should be good enough, which they should be. Players let him down tonight, end of. You can’t blame ole for losing to Young Boys, just because he made 2 substitutions, that’s just honestly fucking stupid.

  55. Sarahfina Ekhator

    Sarahfina Ekhator

    7 dager siden

    I blame ole for removing the key players. Anyway, I know we will qualify. I know we are all sad, but we should focus on the next match pl.

  56. Nahom Samuel

    Nahom Samuel

    7 dager siden

    Have we ever had a tactic with Ole in charge?

  57. Lee Johnston

    Lee Johnston

    7 dager siden

    Ole needs to start playing to our strengths rather than trying to nullify opponents

  58. Nilanjan Bose

    Nilanjan Bose

    7 dager siden

    Chelsea drew with Liverpool with 10 men in the Epl jus few days ago.. and we lost to that inexperienced team in a champions league after going a man down...100% Ole's fault!

  59. Berriesmummet


    7 dager siden

    Adam sucks. My least favorite on the kickoff. He is a Utd apologist. Go City!

  60. Zicco


    7 dager siden

    VDB if he’s clever he should leave United a.s.a.p

  61. Rangarirai Dembure

    Rangarirai Dembure

    7 dager siden

    Lets call a spade a spade guys, this team is way above ole's capabilities. Tactically he ain't good enough, seems like he goes into a game witj a single game plan

  62. Big Aspnee

    Big Aspnee

    7 dager siden

    Some of these comments are so void of rationale it's crazy. Ole has stabilized the club after 5/6 years of uncertainty, bad decisions, and at the end of the day, awful football. We are finally in a position where we might be able to go on and do something, and that is LARGELY down to Ole's impact. Yes, he might not be the man for the job, but don't you think he deserves this season to give it a go? Has he not earned his chance? I agree we should have won something by now- but he's shown he can get us through big games against some of the best managers in the world. Time and time again. He has this season to deliver, and you all calling for the sack are idiotic.

  63. Jack Shubrook

    Jack Shubrook

    7 dager siden

    I can understand and to some degree agree with what ole tried to do when we went down to 10, he obviously didn’t get it 100% right, but we were about 20 seconds away from him being right and seeing out a 1-1 Which I would’ve taken given the circumstances. I feel like ole is a bit weary from last season, we took Istanbul for granted and got rightly punished and I can see why ole didn’t want to take any chances and get at least a point, and I don’t blame Jesse, I think it could of been any of the players on the pitch, what he did summarised out performance, Very frustrating and trying to find a positive tho. Maybe we needed a loss like this, to just bring the reigns in a bit, feel like we’ve been getting very giddy recently (rightly so) but defeats like this are terrible at the time but I do believe that they help going forward and hopefully we’ve calmed down a bit and we can get our heads screwed on right for West Ham and get another win!!!!

  64. John Walker

    John Walker

    7 dager siden

    Replacing Fred with Martial with a couple of minutes to go was a joke.

  65. Perpendicular


    7 dager siden

    Ole out !!

  66. Ritwik Mukhopadhyay

    Ritwik Mukhopadhyay

    7 dager siden

    Europa league final showed Ole's true colors, I am not expecting anything from him as manager.

  67. Mundolio Knows

    Mundolio Knows

    7 dager siden

    I don’t know why I read the comments. People just whip themselves into a frenzy. Calm down ffs. It’s just a group game. It’s not like the season is over.

  68. Leighton United

    Leighton United

    7 dager siden

    Oh 🤬 off with the tactics were wrong... What bcs we lost! If we'd have won that game you'd have been saying tactics spot on bla bla bla... It's nice to know who is with us in times of adversity and who will go straight to digging out the manager despite the circumstances! Klopp lost away 2-0 to Red Star Belgrade the year they got to the final! Relax your meltdown bcs all it does is encourage the toxic 🤬 you get online!

  69. Ragnar 05

    Ragnar 05

    7 dager siden

    That manager will cost us heavily this season

  70. Dave Davis

    Dave Davis

    7 dager siden

    Sorry if this has already been said. DeGea doesn’t help in these situations, he is rarely available for the the back pass. This encourages the defence to drop further and further back to their 18yard line, leaving no space to play out of from the back. Lingard was clearly looking for support from his keeper and when it wasn’t there he played a nothing pass and lost us the game. Henderson is going to be important against the high press sides!

  71. Andrew Jamieson

    Andrew Jamieson

    7 dager siden


  72. BiGQuincie


    7 dager siden

    Excuses Excuses

  73. Jack Thomas

    Jack Thomas

    7 dager siden

    That was disgraceful last night

  74. alex simora

    alex simora

    7 dager siden

    Wrong substitutes made young boys to force united with no fear

  75. James Mason

    James Mason

    7 dager siden

    Ole always seems out of ideas during games. It's like changes he makes in games are more in hope than anything else. There is no plan B. It was again, another shit night of football. 2 shots!!!! Not good enough

  76. alex simora

    alex simora

    7 dager siden

    For sure ole had wrong tactics,this has proved his capability There was no reason to get out Ronaldo Also at the start Cavani was to take chance at the wing when hunter-greenwood is not available

    • Stretford Paddock

      Stretford Paddock

      7 dager siden

      Cavani out injured, mate.

  77. Michael Owusu

    Michael Owusu

    7 dager siden

    Ole to United is like a sheep commanding lions and Young boys to their manager is like a lion commanding a group of sheep. United will win nothing with a sheep as leader, no matter the players they bring in. The club must learn from Chelsea and arsenal. this old player managers are not mentally and tactically fit for such a huge responsibility.

  78. Rob M

    Rob M

    7 dager siden

    How is that fancams. Stop click baiting Wanted to hear from different fans about that game not Adam full video. You boys need competition on here to ramp it up. Full time devil's was miles better. Bring back the fan cams like old

  79. d w

    d w

    7 dager siden

    Sancho is not in form yet so you cant really leave him on unfortunately

  80. Matty Burke

    Matty Burke

    7 dager siden

    Wan basaka so bad on ball since he signed for club wank

  81. ek ek mr black

    ek ek mr black

    7 dager siden

    Ole out

  82. Geoff Austin

    Geoff Austin

    7 dager siden

    Clueless out. Sooner the better please

  83. Geoff Austin

    Geoff Austin

    7 dager siden

    And we all know that why Clueless stood on the touchline watching that debacle you know he was, probably, already thinking about the team for Sunday against West Ham and Fred was the first name on that teamsheet

  84. switchbladee beats

    switchbladee beats

    7 dager siden

    Lingard has done this for years. One good thing against relegation fodder to giving a game we needed away. It’s what he’d done his whole career. He’ll never be good enough and this sympathy train for him needs to stop, I love United too and I’m sound can I start?

  85. daire finnie

    daire finnie

    7 dager siden

    The fans still clapping for Ole should be neutered to protect the intelligence levels of future generations

  86. Peter S

    Peter S

    7 dager siden

    Ole clueless again

  87. Vas s

    Vas s

    7 dager siden

    Ole gunnar solskjaer is a good manager but is not a world class manager who can influence a match by his own.....only an idiot would bring jesse lingard,martial if you want to kill a game

  88. Eclipse _

    Eclipse _

    7 dager siden

    Fred is the problem, Fred won't even get into the Southampton squad. Donny needs to be in that starting XI not Fred 😡

  89. sourav saha

    sourav saha

    7 dager siden

    Because you people were laughing too much before the start of the match. Now see what happened, so don't criticise any opponents, it's not a cricket match where impossible only happens few times it's a football every thing can happen within 2 hour.

  90. 4Bester


    7 dager siden

    100% spot on Adam. I am a big fan of OGS, but this was a mistake tactically from him

  91. Saddam Mall

    Saddam Mall

    7 dager siden

    Victor in the squad again just saying,

  92. Daniel Parker

    Daniel Parker

    7 dager siden

    It’s pretty simple if AWB doesn’t get sent off and Jesse didn’t play the best through ball possible the result is vastly different.

  93. SaHiL ninama

    SaHiL ninama

    7 dager siden

    Lingard last pass made joke for whole club😁

  94. Gareth Blades

    Gareth Blades

    7 dager siden

    i think you have to admit ole got it wrong, sat too deep and invited pressure. our 10 should still be comfortable against them

  95. Divyanshu Singh

    Divyanshu Singh

    7 dager siden

    I wish Man Utd have signed a cdm over sancho

  96. ManUtdSince1982


    7 dager siden

    Sometimes a manager can only take a team so far.

  97. Geo Man

    Geo Man

    7 dager siden

    Adam your logic is solid right up until the point we lose 3-2 and the world (including yourself) turns on ole calling him naive, one dimensional, no plan b crap manager!! This is what management is! You make the call and take responsibility but the way we lost tonight means Aaron and jesse take majority of that blame and rightly so for their mistakes were horrifically costly but doing what you suggest and losing would be all blame on ole!! Try managing people and the world hoping you fail and maybe you might have a tad more respect for the decisions made!

  98. Garrgan


    7 dager siden

    Embarrassed in the Europa League final and embarrassed against Young Boys because of the managers inept tactics. It’s inevitable that Ole will not win anything with Utd...Just pull the trigger and do the inevitable and sack him and get a proper manager who has tactics

  99. ManUtdSince1982


    7 dager siden

    I still feel we are driving an f1 car with Mr Bean as the driver.

  100. Paul Bridgette

    Paul Bridgette

    7 dager siden

    European football he hasn't a clue, leaving Greenwood out to play Pogba on the left and he should be playing the same team until he gets the balance right but midfield is a joke !