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Welcome to the first episode of Freddy & Mckola Uncensored, Freddy Quinne for those who don't know is a comedian who has joined forces with the channel to bring a weekly episode of this show with Mckola - and it will be absolutely mental each week!

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This time the lads talk about Fred being banned, Cleberson's transfer to Man United, Ronaldo's return and much more...

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  1. Daniel Radnedge

    Daniel Radnedge

    6 dager siden

    All alcohol isn't vegan unfortunately. Lots of wines aren't as they contain a kind of gelatine.

  2. Peter O'brien

    Peter O'brien

    8 dager siden

    Freddy seems like abit of a twat

  3. AnandaKrishna Naidoo

    AnandaKrishna Naidoo

    8 dager siden

    Freddy is the funniest guy 😂

  4. Norman Cesar

    Norman Cesar

    9 dager siden

    Jesse didn't go to West Ham because they wouldn't stump up the £30m is he is worth. Not buying Freddy's arguments, next he'll be hammering Pogba for having a haircut after a bad game. There is only so much training a player can do and it's better than he pisses about on instagram than going to the pub or getting addicted to gambling. Jesse has scored in cup finals for us, he deserves more respect.

  5. Kelly T

    Kelly T

    11 dager siden

    Jenas was a good player and you don't play as many PL games if you aren't.

  6. 64 Ahmed

    64 Ahmed

    11 dager siden

    This has been happening for a very long time, if a player plays for man utd he is automatically shit, doesn't matter if Ronaldo pogba or Maguire they are all shit

  7. Mudasser Ahmed

    Mudasser Ahmed

    12 dager siden

    Maybe Fred would have been better if his parents named him Fredinho

  8. H Bred

    H Bred

    12 dager siden

    Please no more Freddie

    • H Bred

      H Bred

      12 dager siden

      Joe Smith is funny. Freddie just tries to talk over him and put him down.

  9. alrighthenducks


    12 dager siden

    Is Howson too big time for paddock now?

  10. EveningEcho89


    12 dager siden

    Wow I was positive that was Action Bronson before he started talking.

  11. Arya Ritchie

    Arya Ritchie

    12 dager siden

    I thought I'm the only one who thought that's harsh on lingard, however noone else sensed him being a little racist on Brazilians and arabian clubs there?

  12. Saddam Mall

    Saddam Mall

    12 dager siden

    Van den POG, although soft n not destructive, are my dubbel pivot option, AWB just need to stay back and not overlap ,with proper wingers WHY should fullbacks overlap, jadon Marcus mason even Amat don't need help destroying defender's

  13. Jimmy Mc89

    Jimmy Mc89

    12 dager siden

    Usually I’d recommend someone like Freddy to stick to his day job, but the silly mongs not even funny.

  14. bingbonghippy


    12 dager siden

    Jessie is funnier than this guy

  15. Dee Dubya

    Dee Dubya

    12 dager siden

    Don't bring up my man Rashford when trying to talk about professionalism. Don't talk shit about him not applying himself on the pitch because he chooses to also engage in social issues (which you guys in the UK really need, considering what your Tory govt has (or hasn't) done for the lower classes. For a first-world country, your poverty rate and child poverty rate is absolutely atrocious and I've seen the bloody UN study that shows you're going to have a worse poverty rate than f*ckin Ethiopia in less than 5 years. None of what you said there was funny or even accurate. Absolute twat thing to say, You lot should thank your lucky stars that Rashford does what he does.

  16. Dee Dubya

    Dee Dubya

    12 dager siden

    24:00 - some real talk right there about professionalism. Great call Freddy

  17. The Black Devil

    The Black Devil

    12 dager siden

    Shut it freddy

  18. James C

    James C

    12 dager siden

    Im 5 days into a 3 day bender 😂😂

  19. Uncle Doobius

    Uncle Doobius

    12 dager siden

    Bit of a breakdown about the clothing label: that process must have already been initiated while he was playing well under Jose. The fact he became redundant due to Uniteds tactical developments, wasn’t a reason for his team to now cancel it and fire his family from their jobs.

  20. Benz Abanga

    Benz Abanga

    12 dager siden

    I knew as soon as I saw the thumbnail that Fred would talk utter nonsense

  21. MoOokA


    12 dager siden

    FINALLY … someone can talk honestly about the Lingard situation without filtering like the others does … shout-out to the beard guy who I still don’t know his name but saw him on a few shows here at the paddock… 1 of the realist for me big up 👌🏾👍🏾

    • YourCreepyUncle


      12 dager siden

      L comment

  22. Francis T Roughley

    Francis T Roughley

    12 dager siden

    Mannnnn I’m sorry nothing will beat the classic. Personally I’ve never been a fan of Freddy’s opinions on most of the videos. Feel like he is off the ball more than he is actually on it. The stuff about Jesse & Rashford is dead. Rashy playing with an injury most of the season, Jesse with mental health and family issues both not taken into account to why they played badly.

  23. omgwerockhard


    12 dager siden

    If i can use manscaped lawnmower 4.0 at the bottom of the mariana trench i want one!

  24. alexEi4o


    12 dager siden

    Sooo no more Howson & Mckola uncensored ?!

  25. Luke Goathold

    Luke Goathold

    12 dager siden

    Ten minutes in I love this show already, Freddy is jokes 😂😂😭

  26. Glenn F

    Glenn F

    12 dager siden

    Overall a good show didn’t like the Jesse or Rashford comments but I appreciate Freddy’s just trying to get a laugh,and Adam don’t think I’ve ever seen you look like you’d rather be somewhere else I could be wrong but it just seemed a bit forced especially after what Freddy said about Jesse and Marcus maybe it’ll get better in time 💯❤️🤍🖤💯✌🏼❤️✊🏼

  27. SOLDIER 4th Class

    SOLDIER 4th Class

    12 dager siden

    Did he just said Rashford should play better instead of feeding childrens?

  28. Two Wheeled Stories

    Two Wheeled Stories

    12 dager siden

    Actually had to stop watching, Freddie was sound on watchalongs and other things but man this was shocking weird agenda on Jesse. Lack of knowledge as well. Rashford has been bagging stellar numbers for three seasons

  29. richard third

    richard third

    12 dager siden

    Jester Lingaard

  30. Saragon Mackeneny

    Saragon Mackeneny

    12 dager siden

    Zlatan 35, Larsson 35, Ronaldo 36, Roger Milla 38 - amongst some of the fittest forwards in their mid to late 30’s

  31. Howard Chin

    Howard Chin

    12 dager siden

    Freddie is a totally hypocritical, and a lil on the rude side for me. Jessie is totally professional there is so much more to him not playing than him not trying 100% which I believe he does. The guy is fun and I never want Jessie to be anything else. Don't be an arse Freddie, and calling Fred dog shit mate, we get his deficiencies but Fred offers a lot we can criticise in a respectful way. Be considerate!

  32. bhadal95


    12 dager siden

    Finaly some one on this channel speaks the truth about Lingard. Awful footballer

  33. Saragon Mackeneny

    Saragon Mackeneny

    12 dager siden

    Nice lad but times up for Jesse. Loans to Birmingham and West Ham over 20 years at the club. If United are in the game to win stuff no time for being nice

  34. Ryan Yates

    Ryan Yates

    12 dager siden

    Most alcohol isn't vegan... I'm not a vegan by the way. the filtration process sometimes uses animal and fish parts and i think gelatin is used in some things.

  35. FiLTHYRiCH


    12 dager siden

    Fair play to Adam for pretending to laugh for the whole video, can't believe this guy is a stand up comedian

  36. Ste Rawlings

    Ste Rawlings

    12 dager siden

    Freddie's Portuguese Nelson Mandela.

  37. Chris Power

    Chris Power

    12 dager siden

    Lads I love the channel but Freddy is way off the mark with his comments here. Stick to the comedy instead of questioning the likes of Marcus and Jesse who are boundlessly more important to their communities than you.

  38. JK _

    JK _

    12 dager siden

    Most alcohols are NOT vegan. Most alcohol producers use fish bladders (isinglass) to purify the drink.

  39. Jonathan Ince

    Jonathan Ince

    12 dager siden

    Not a massive fan of Freddy if I'm honest, just unsure about the vibe. - Rashford stick to football? Do one

  40. Tee 01

    Tee 01

    12 dager siden

    Ok opinion changed, adam and joe was the best combo This edges it Quinckola ftw

  41. Hayden Svavarsson

    Hayden Svavarsson

    12 dager siden

    Totally agree with Freddy on the Lingard situation. Nice enough lad (not really my cup of tea) but he just isn't good enough for Utd... Also Kane couldn't lace Ronnys boots..Abognalhor, never heard of her??

  42. Andrew Lindley

    Andrew Lindley

    12 dager siden

    This guy’s a dick. Jesse has the right to do what ever he wants. He never even thought about the fact that maybe Utd never accepted a bid for him so he has no option to go

  43. Connor Coultas

    Connor Coultas

    12 dager siden

    Ronaldo is a year older than Rooney

  44. Kim Caspar

    Kim Caspar

    12 dager siden

    I stopped watching this because of Freddy’s opinions.

  45. Shane Meaney

    Shane Meaney

    12 dager siden

    Give the Brazilian's a break lads, FRED

  46. hean loong

    hean loong

    12 dager siden

    Jlingz will be a flashy legend !!!

  47. Edward William Bradley Smith

    Edward William Bradley Smith

    12 dager siden

    Laughing about pedophillia isn’t normal lool

  48. Carl James Fenton

    Carl James Fenton

    12 dager siden

    This was bloody hilarious lads. More please.

  49. Alvin Anis

    Alvin Anis

    12 dager siden

    Howson looks different here

  50. Stix Zadinia

    Stix Zadinia

    13 dager siden

    Love paddock... have for years. Dont like this freddy guy tho. Get ian back... he is actually funny. Or just get joe on this uncensored show. UP THE PADDOCK

  51. Austin Stetson

    Austin Stetson

    13 dager siden

    Freddy’s comments on Jesse and Marcus are some of the worst takes I’ve ever heard. It’s one thing to not like them as players or think they are not good enough for a certain level. But it’s completely different to attack their character and make assumptions about their professionalism because of what they choose to do off the field. Jesse may not be the best player in the world or even on his own team, but he is undoubtedly popular and very marketable so why should he not take advantage of that? Why is it such a bad thing that Marcus Rashford likes to feed starving children in his spare time? I really don’t understand the hate some people have toward certain players and then not others, it is utterly hypocritical. People think that professional athletes only have one thing in their life and they should do nothing else but that is so ridiculous. If they only focused on their sport and didn’t have anything outside of that, they would be miserable. Not to mention sporting careers are very short and many athletes have financial difficulties after they retire, so it is a great thing that many of them are starting to take up other businesses while they are still playing to protect their futures.

  52. Taurean Philpott

    Taurean Philpott

    13 dager siden

    Most wines arent vegan because they are fined and filtered with animal products

  53. Eidun Lahn

    Eidun Lahn

    13 dager siden

    Solskjaer has scored 3 hat-tricks whilst Ronaldo only have one. Also Solskjaer has scored the fastet four goal spell in premier league history. He did it 12 minutes against Nottingham forest. Love stats me.

  54. Joe Howard

    Joe Howard

    13 dager siden

    Get this lad on more. Im in hysterics. Howson him joe and Alex....fml

  55. Yash Gami

    Yash Gami

    13 dager siden

    It should be a testament to Man U that our squad is slowly becoming very strong if players like Jesse isn't at the level we need for our squad. He starts for anyone outside the top 4 and is a regular England international. He's had some personal issues and that spell at West Ham +recent performances suggest that he is finally enjoying his football again. His fashion line is a good distraction which can help his mental health. Struggling mentally with all that free time could be a recipe for disaster. This endeavour could keep him focused and occupy his spare time. It's better to do this than to play Fortnite or something that doesn't benefit him long term (unless he becomes a streamer). I hope that he moves in January or next summer at the latest. For his career and to free up a space for younger talent such as Mejbri or even Pellestri/Amad next season. Similar sentiment for Matic and Mata, they have served us well but it's time they moved on as they aren't at the level we require. Maybe having them around for a season in the dressing room and for cup games doesn't hurt. If we get a defensive midfielder or two soon, we will have a near complete squad.

  56. Paul Green

    Paul Green

    13 dager siden

    Oh my days the Jesse and Marcus comments. 🤯 Jesse has been supporting his entire family whilst dealing with well publicised mental health struggles and turned it around. Marcus got 36 goals/assists last year and also fed/saved millions of kids in this country. I totally agree with freedom of speech and having a right to express an opinion but this is borderline disgraceful.

  57. luke


    13 dager siden

    Really poor taste with that Rashford comment.

    • Bob Chipman

      Bob Chipman

      12 dager siden

      Exactly should he just let kids starve if he doesnt score?

  58. DaBirch


    13 dager siden

    Can’t listen to Freddie anymore utter tripe.

  59. Mitty


    13 dager siden

    This guy is just chucking out shitty hot takes looking for a reaction, adam you can't let him speak about rashford like that haha

  60. Douglas Shield

    Douglas Shield

    13 dager siden

    Please have Freddy on every week.

  61. mason rogers

    mason rogers

    13 dager siden

    Think you need to get Someone or couple of others that will question Freddies opinion so its not a one sided debate.

  62. Ibraheem Dar

    Ibraheem Dar

    13 dager siden

    A lot of alcohol is filtered through fish guts (wines a big one) a lot are not vegan. Rum is quite safe From Vegan Ib

  63. Callum Adams

    Callum Adams

    13 dager siden

    Yes Freddy this guy was my English teacher from Ashton u legend

  64. Ryan Dibdale

    Ryan Dibdale

    13 dager siden

    Love Freddy's take on Lingard. When he can get as many minutes on the pitch for United as he gets talked about on this channel, I'll reconsider my view.

    • S&C GAMES

      S&C GAMES

      13 dager siden

      Not every player will be able to be world class and to be good enough for United but that shouldn’t stop you having fun or doing things in your spare time. Football players aren’t robots

  65. Ryan Dibdale

    Ryan Dibdale

    13 dager siden

    The problem for Sancho is that Mhikitarian element. Having transcendental numbers for Dortmund doesn't matter until you replicate it in the EPL

    • Machiel de Groot

      Machiel de Groot

      12 dager siden

      He’s played like 2 or 3 games, I’m not stressed

  66. colin tennant

    colin tennant

    13 dager siden

    I liked lingered but he’s taking the piss.

  67. Zoso


    13 dager siden

    Love this duo

  68. Red Lad

    Red Lad

    13 dager siden

    Freddy looking like an old bit of gammon having a go at Jesse

  69. Yoshi EA

    Yoshi EA

    13 dager siden

    Phwoar 3 whole minutes of manscaped - they must be paying the big bucks ay!

  70. singsangsung


    13 dager siden

    I wanna watch ste and adam debating on martial and lingard

  71. Jordan Shim

    Jordan Shim

    13 dager siden

    All alcohol is not vegan. Spoiler alert. (red wine)

  72. That's Football

    That's Football

    13 dager siden

    Hi guys ❤️

  73. Brian Swarbrigg

    Brian Swarbrigg

    13 dager siden

    Why is Ronaldo training in his own , he fit as any of them , play him from the start no reason not to m plus I’ll be there 😄😄

  74. Jimmy Eldridge

    Jimmy Eldridge

    13 dager siden

    Haven't even watched yet but what a combo haha

  75. Ado


    13 dager siden

    Freddy is awful - no more PLEASE

  76. Shiva Balachandran

    Shiva Balachandran

    13 dager siden

    Southgate was below average even as a player. Southgate will disappoint us this worldcup as well. He blinks in a conference 10000 times more than the goals the team scores.

    • singsangsung


      13 dager siden

      I cannot understand why he does not like wan bissaka

  77. Rakin Choudhury

    Rakin Choudhury

    13 dager siden

    Chemistry feels abit off with this one…. Laughs seem forced!

  78. James


    13 dager siden

    According to Wikipedia, Kleberson is still married to her!

  79. Nenad Radosavljević

    Nenad Radosavljević

    13 dager siden

    Lingard was never anything more than solid for United. He's just not talented enough or smart enough.

    • Nenad Radosavljević

      Nenad Radosavljević

      12 dager siden

      @Kim Caspar I don't think he's not an intelligent person. He simply lacks composure and focus during the game. He's also showing his poor judgement by staying at United instead of finding a place where his skills would be appreciated.

    • Kim Caspar

      Kim Caspar

      12 dager siden

      Oh Lingaard is a lot smarter than you think. You need a lot of smarts to become a top level athlete in any discipline. And a lot of hard work.

  80. Haden Sancho

    Haden Sancho

    13 dager siden

    Freddy is pretty awesome - he should come on more often.

  81. Bruno Bruno

    Bruno Bruno

    13 dager siden

    Howsons friendly twin

  82. Jacob Weinstein

    Jacob Weinstein

    13 dager siden

    Joe really loves Manscaped huh

    • Kim Caspar

      Kim Caspar

      12 dager siden

      For me, the whole Manscape thing really detracts from his brand. When the deal is over, Joe will tell us that he actually only tried it twice or something. Nobody actually needs Manscape.

  83. habibur rahman

    habibur rahman

    13 dager siden

    I disagree with Jesse not being any technical I think he’s actually pretty good especially turning defence into attack he’s very good at that

    • habibur rahman

      habibur rahman

      13 dager siden

      @Adrian United play like that against the top teams just watch us against city away Jesse was brilliant

    • Adrian


      13 dager siden

      What you described their is essentially counter attacking, which is what at WHU you can excel at which is what he excelled at, only a handful of team you can do that for at MU

  84. Ollie Bridgen

    Ollie Bridgen

    13 dager siden

    Did that boomer just say Rashford should stick to football? Can't believe Adam didn't shut him down.

    • Andrew.h


      12 dager siden

      Boomers the right word

    • yomamamama


      12 dager siden

      he did sound like a fucking tory

  85. habibur rahman

    habibur rahman

    13 dager siden

    Everyone’s wafflin about PSGs window messi Ramos etc but we’ve eclipsed their window I think but tbh it’s nice to see people be salty about us again fucking Mint 😂

  86. Arnold Harrison

    Arnold Harrison

    13 dager siden

    you can tell mckola wasnt pleased with what the big man was saying about lingard. my man was just straight disrespectful tbh though. how can you not like someone you dont know?

  87. Englishlad808


    13 dager siden


  88. B


    13 dager siden

    Very good lads !

  89. Adam Randles

    Adam Randles

    13 dager siden

    Really enjoying Freddie on the channel

  90. Matt Trustain

    Matt Trustain

    13 dager siden


  91. Santa Notch

    Santa Notch

    13 dager siden

    Shouldn't it be 'McKola and Freddy Uncensored'? Or is it not legally binding to have the name first if it's another colleague? 😂

  92. Gabriel Penteado

    Gabriel Penteado

    13 dager siden

    Fucking love Freddy's takes. Agree with most of what he says, and even when I don't, he's a proper laugh. Mint

  93. Ryan McCrossan

    Ryan McCrossan

    13 dager siden

    Love you Adam ❤️

  94. Altered Shape

    Altered Shape

    13 dager siden

    That was great guys...look forward to this weekly..

  95. United 91

    United 91

    13 dager siden

    People crying because Freddie just gave his honest opinion and people acting as if he told him to commit suicide. You're aloud to dislike someone even it's for trivial reasons. Jesse had his chance brought us some great moments.but his not up to standard of the current squad.

  96. Dean Tonkin

    Dean Tonkin

    13 dager siden

    Ace 5 🙈

  97. Darragh O'Brien

    Darragh O'Brien

    13 dager siden

    Howson must have had a row with McKola. Never on together anymore 🤔

    • Tim Forbes

      Tim Forbes

      12 dager siden

      He’s only just got back on this channel, McKola did say that there was nothing goin on

  98. Kevin Fitz

    Kevin Fitz

    13 dager siden

    Rodrigo Possebom

    • Adam Randles

      Adam Randles

      13 dager siden

      Good shout

  99. Adam Randles

    Adam Randles

    13 dager siden

    Most alcohol isn’t vegan actually, it’s filtered with fish bones or something.

  100. Gucci Sensei

    Gucci Sensei

    13 dager siden

    camera quality on point right now